Vixie Bee is a freelance illustrator from Cape Breton, currently residing in Halifax, NS, where she moved to pursue an arts education from NSCAD University in 2009.


She has an almost thirty year love affair with animation, video games and comics, and an especially deep love for character design and colour expression. That love has pushed her to pursue work where she can bring stories and characters to life, whether on the screen or the page.


She is the artist on the webcomic Herowins, the tale of a group of superpowered ladies living in a fictional Canadian metropolis. She is also the artist on several short independent comics, some complete and others currently in production.


Her previous illustration clients include the Tabula Idem comic anthology, Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles, Toastie Tyler, Scotties, and several private collectors. Her animation pieces have been shown at the Halifax Harvest—Grazing Around Town show and the Lumiere Art at Night Festival.